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About S3S

Who we are and what we stand for

S3S designs & builds high performance IT infrastructure solutions. As a leader in accelerating business performances via a unique blend of deepseated technical competencies, we pride ourselves in leading the market with pioneering technologies. We specialize in providing cost effective solutions designed and optimized for the enterprise data center, using open technologies and commodity platforms to deliver the promise of high performance and scalability.

We love diving into new technology to acquire the deep technical understanding required for solution selection and implementation. That is why every year a delegation of S3S experts and colleagues from five European peer organizations, visit Silicon Valley in the USA to engage with companies that are at the forefront of server and storage technology.

Our Goal? To look for next-generation server and storage technologies that we can offer to our customers within the next couple of years. So that they, in turn, can become the most innovative player in their field.

Roel De Frene & Christophe Dekeukeleire

The history of Server Storage Solutions

Personal computer

In 1992 a company called Hi-Tech Systems (HTS) was founded. HTS delivered build-to-order Personal Computers for their customers. HTS assembled, sold and repaired PCs in the Belgian B2B & B2C market.


In 2004, HTS moved on from delivering build-to-order Personal Computers to designing total solutions for customers, where it started to specialize in build-to-order server and storage equipment. The new company cooperated more and more with system integrators, amongst which suppliers of cloud applications over the internet.

Old logo

In 2010, the current General Managers, Christophe Dekeukeleire and Roel De Frene performed a management buyout and pushed the company into the European Market. S3S was born.


Early 2011, S3S started pioneering with Solid State Drive (SSD) machines, true to its innovational spirit. By doing that it grew to the most versatile SSD supplier in the European market. The main focus went to higher-end storage and server applications for the IT industry.

BG Opened

We opened our Bulgarian sales office to support and extend our businesses in Eastern Europe.


2015, a great year for S3S. The company grew with 30% more revenue, more employees, a brand new HQ building and its own new Marketing departement. A brand new website was launched with integrated webshops for online configuration of server and storage equipment which gets assembled in a brand new technical assembly lab based in the new HQ.

CZ Opened

We opened our brand new headquarter in Czech Republic to further extend our businesses in Eastern Europe.


Due to continuation of exponentional growth, S3S had to improve and increase stock management. A complete upgrade of the warehouse was necessary. The upgrade and optimization of the warehouse more than doubled our capacity.

On top of the warehouse upgrade, S3S also upgraded their Technical Department tripling the assembly line.

To be continued