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Who Are We?

S3S is not just a company but a crew of hungry and talented server and storage professionals. Each team member brings unique skills and personality to the table. We don’t just love our job; we love our team. And that makes all the difference!

Do you want to get to know the people behind S3S? Just scroll down and read all about who we are and what makes us tick.

Why S3S?

S3S is greater than just the sum of its parts. Why? Because we are united by 2 things: a boundless passion for technology and lifelong learning, and a drive to always go the extra mile for all our clients.

We offer you peace of mind. We want to provide you with the perfect server and storage solutions for your organization, and we want to wow you with unparalleled services such as professional branding and worldwide shipping , deployment and support of your solutions.

"The ones who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones that do."

Mission Accomplished, Steve Jobs

Meet Our Team

Roel De Frene
Chief Executive/Visionary Officer

Part of S3S since 2004, Roel De Frene is our Chief Executive Officer and a real visionary. Roel is constantly looking for new challenges and ways to innovate. He loves adventure and riding his horses and his motorcycle.

Christophe Dekeukeleire
Chief Financial Officer/ Accounting Ninja

Christophe Dekeukeleire jumped on the S3S train in 2007 and has been Chief Financial Officer since 2010. Christophe has a strong passion for technology and is a true number wiz.

Kris Vaes
Key Account Manager Europe

With over 20 years of Account Manager experience, Kris loves finding solutions for configurations that are deemed ‘impossible’, stunning his colleagues in the process. He also loves dogs, retro PCs and historic novels.

Ivaylo Draganov
Business Development Manager Bulgaria

Highly competent and professional, Ivaylo came aboard in 2013 to plant the S3S flag in Bulgaria. He continues to manage and develop the presence of S3S in Bulgaria.

Sam Smekens
Head of Assembly / Jack of All Trades

From heading the tech department over planning to developing tools that automate time-consuming processes, Sam is our tower of strength for all things tech. Like a chess master, he is always thinking at least 1 step ahead. Absolutely loves travelling.

Kristof Vanremoortele
Senior Operations Manager

Operations manager Kristof is in charge of optimizing different processes and allowing S3S to grow. He’s a family man at heart. So when he’s not working, he loves spending time with his wife and kid.

Kilian Serru
Senior Assembly Engineer

This Electrician-turned-Assembly-Engineer possesses all skills required to make high-quality builds and handle chaotic situations like a boss. In charge of quality control, making sure nothing is left behind. He’s a scout at heart and loves robotics, gaming and staying in shape.

Florian Ducatteeuw
Junior Technical Support Engineer

Known for his drive and enthusiasm, Florian kicks ass at assembling servers and handling problems and returns. He has a great passion for computers, but also loves nature, gaming and spending time with family and friends.

Mark Verrijdt
Field Service Engineer

Clients in need of an on-site intervention get to meet chief problem solver Mark. True to his techie nature, he designs radio-controlled cars and flies drones. But he also loves gardening and jogging.

Olivier Coppens
Junior Assembly Engineer

Olivier’s biggest passion has always been building computers. So working as an assembly engineer for S3S is a dream come true! In his spare time, Olivier plays drums in a metal band. But don’t be afraid, he’s a really sweet guy!

Ruben De Spiegeleir
Warehouse Supervisor

From graphics design over carpentry to supervising our warehouse: Ruben De Spiegeleir just loves taking on new challenges. With him on board, we feel confident we will be able to take on any future warehouse challenge.

Stijn Naert
Support Team Manager

Support Team Manager Stijn Naert has been fascinated by computers since he was a teenager. He brings a ton of knowledge and experience to Server Storage Solutions.

Gaëlle Goossens
Customer Care Officer

As Customer Care Officer, Gaëlle Goossens keeps everyone happy. She has a heart for our customers, suppliers and colleagues, but also for fashion, traveling and sports.

Life at S3S

Server Storage Solutions is not your average hardware firm. We go to bed every night looking forward to our next workday.
That probably has to do with the 3 goals we share:

  • Life-Long Learning

    In any sector, but especially in IT, innovation is key to survival. It should not surprise you that we all share a passion for lifelong learning.

    Our team members are always looking for newer, better and more innovative solutions for your organization, as well as for ways to become more complete IT professionals.

    As a company, we are proud of this innovative spirit and we strive to provide our team with all the necessary tools to keep learning.

  • Going the Extra Mile for You

    We don’t just want to please you: We want to take away each and every one of your worries.

    You can rely on us to make your ideal server or storage solutions, sure, but we also offer a wide array of unparalleled services to fulfill your every need.

    From tailored advice to 24/7 on-site support – your wish is our command. We aim to be the most flexible, sustainable and complete storage partner in the world. That’s quite a statement, but we know we can live up to it!

  • The Fun Factor

    At S3S, we invest in lifelong learning and we aim to please you each and every day. But we also like to have some good old fun.

    Now don’t get us wrong: We love what we do. But joking around and making fun makes us love our job even more.

    It all boils down to this: The more we love our job, the better your solutions and services will be. That’s why we take having fun very seriously!

  • Are you up for a new challenge in a cool team?