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Try before you buy

Before you buy a new car, you want to take it for a test drive. So why wouldn’t you want to do the same with your new GPU server? In the S3S testlab (in collaboration with Gigabyte), you can take your GPU server for a spin.

The high performance of GPU servers makes them ideal for software companies, research institutes and other organizations that run heavy workloads. But they are also quite expensive. Our testlab offers you the chance to measure the return on investment for your company before you commit.

Sounds good? Discover everything you need to know about our testlab below!

Currently spinning in our testlab

The server configuration that is currently available for testing has the following specs:

  • 2x AMD EPYC Rome 7282 CPU
  • 4x NVIDIA A100 SXM4 80 GB GPU
  • 16x Samsung 16GB DDR4-3200 Memory

"Our testlab service allows clients to test specific hardware without the need to purchase them first. This way, they can experience new technology without any worries."

Roel De Frene, Head of Sales & International Business Development

How it works

Extensive testing

We don't just offer a quick standard test: You get the chance to test your software or applications over the course of several days.

You can configure your own environment/operating system, but we are also happy to help you set things up.

Remote access

Our testlab isn't an actual lab you need to visit. You get safe and easy access to the test server through a secure VPN connection.

As soon as we’ve approved your test drive request, you will receive all the necessary information and instructions to log in.

Adaptable to your needs

To make your tests more accurate, we can tailor our testlab servers to your needs. E.g. system memory and local storage can easily be adapted.

If further changes to storage or CPU are required after your first tests, we will also be happy to assist you.


Want to take a GPU server for a spin? Request your test drive!

Webinar September 16, 2021

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