Professional Branding of Your Servers and Storage Solutions

Personalization from Box to Bezel

Don’t disappoint your customers when they unbox your solution. Good-looking and well-branded products form a great starting point for a wonderful customer experience.

We go to great lengths to help you brand your solutions, from box to bezel and from motherboard to manual.

Branding Options for Your Servers and Data Storage Solutions

S3S offers several ways to brand your server and storage devices and make them unique.

Branding of Your Packaging Material

Communicate your logo and brand message instantly AND protect your appliances during shipping with our high-quality printed cardboard boxes.

We can print your logo in full color or monochrome and can provide branded cardboard boxes and other packaging material in many different colors.

Branding of Your Servers’ Documentation

Each box contains a personalized instruction manual that explains to your customers how to unpack, rack & stack their server and storage devices.

We can print your logo in full color or monochrome on every manual to ensure optimal branding during the installation process.

Branding of Your Servers’ Bezels

Our ability to design and manufacture custom branded bezels makes your appliances truly unique, from simple bezels to magnetic and LED lighted designs.
To make sure your bezels look exactly like you want them to, we provide you with 2D drawings and 3D renders before we start the production process.

Branding of Your Servers’ Splash Screen

As a final touch, your end customers will see a splash screen with your logo while their device is booting for the first time. A nice way to make a great first impression.

We Deliver Your Solutions All over the World

We deliver your server and storage solutions to your offices or your end clients all over the world. Click below for more info.