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Get started: build your own high performance cloud
with a scale-out shared storage solution in less than 2 weeks!

StorPool provides the simplest and fastest way to run a high performance cloud with scale-out shared storage. It is ideally suited for companies running OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, OnApp or Linux based custom cloud management stacks.


Most Popular

€ 18.500

For companies that need storage NOW.
The Kick-start package is designed so that you have a working 7.8 TB usable storage solution up and running ASAP:

  • Procure hardware (approx. $12,500)
  • Order the StorPool license (approx. $7,347), with a 3*month money-back guarantee
  • StorPool installation, configuration and tuning is then provided (All included)
Steps to follow: Kick-Start
  • Email us your company details at to confirm your order.
  • We will take care of the standard hardware required
  • When the hardware arrives at your facilities StorPool will log in remotely to test the hardware, install StorPool, fine-tune the system and then hand it over to you, together with all of the necessary documentation and training materials. You now have the best storage solution for your cloud!

Proof of Concept / Test


For companies that want to test StorPool.
The Proof of Concept, (PoC) / Test option, is a simple way to try StorPool on your existing hardware:

  • You provide the hardware matching the system requirements
  • We install and tune the entire setup
  • You test!
Steps to follow: Proof of Concept
  • You provide hardware and SSH access to 3 or more servers which meet our system requirements
  • Email us at and we will install a free test version of StorPool and make sure everything is working properly.
  • We provide the initial training, documentation and assist where necessary. You now have your high performance cloud to test and trial!

If you want to lean more about StorPool, head over to the StorPool solutions page

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